Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Campaign Crush

No, I'm not talking about the presidential campaign....

that's over.

I'm talking about my obsession with CAMPAIGN DRESSERS.

I have been looking and looking for one.

I wanted to do something elegant like this:


Or something stunning like this:

Source - unknown
And then, one day while I was on the hunt for marvelous finds to increase inventory....
I happened across this:


I found this piece at a garage sale. It was quite roughed up. Not all the hardware was present and what was present was really spotted. But, it was in great solid condition. It had the "Campaigner" marking in the drawer, so it was authentic.... and.... well, I could see past the rough exterior and I was looking at the true beauty of this piece.

So.... I hauled it back home.

I obtained a few new hardware pieces and paint. Then, I went to work!

I filled in the rough areas with wood filler and sanded the entire piece. I used about 4 coats of paint + primer Valspar paint and I polished up the original hardware with silver polish {worked PERFECTLY - they look brand new!}


Unfortunately for Floor 24 Designs customers..... I think I have decided to keep this piece.

Pretty gorgeous.... isn't it? See what true beauty was really under that rough exterior.

Kind of a life lesson in there, isn't it?

Never judge a book by it's cover.

Always find the best in people.

Beauty is on the inside.

I guarantee to always find you the pieces that have true beauty.

True beauty is a powerful addition to any decor! It is what can make a house a HOME.

Here is to many many more beautiful finds!

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