Friday, February 20, 2015

A STORY : Art With a Special Meaning

I am not a good story teller.

I am not a good writer.

I can calculate differential equations in my sleep and paint a large canvas, but I have never ever been good at putting words on paper.... or really in type.

So please excuse my inability to truly convey what this story means to me. But, I hope it is something. Here it goes.

I haven't shared a recap of the FABULOUS IBB Loves Local Event from last week at IBB Design Fine Furnishings... but, in one word ---- A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

I met so many wonderful people and vendors... including purchasing a few new items:
A Beautiful Heart Necklace from Couture Rocks
A Custom Gold Foil Print from My Blue Avenue
Cookies and Cakeballs from KimCake4U

But, most importantly..... I was able to share my passion for art with many people throughout an ENTIRE day! Plus give back to a fabulous organization which I love to support: Dwell with Dignity!


But, one thing that really touched me.
One thing that led me to tears.
One thing that was definitely "meant to take place"...

included a small painting...

And a woman named Gamze.
Last Thursday was her birthday but, she wasn't really feeling up for celebrating. However, she took her little 9 month old daughter to the IBB Loves Local Event.

Gamze with her 9 month old daughter.

Gamze saw the before mentioned painting and she was drawn to it. She said that it reminded her of something very special. A little time went by with conversation and googling over her sweet daughter when the most special thing happened. She shared with me the reason that painting touched her.... resonated with her... the very special reason/person behind that memory.

Gamze is an Interior Decorator. She has 3 children: a 5 year old son, a 9 month old daughter [pictured here], and a daughter who would have been a little over 2 - Alexis Harlow. It is Gamze's story to tell. One she shares for her daughter and others who fight and/or have lost the battle that Alexis lost when she was 81 days old [Trisomy 13]. 

Gamze mentioned that whenever their family sees a pink, red, and orange sky, they are reminded of Alexis. A radiant beautiful sky.... memories of her beautiful daughter. That is what the painting reminded her of... and then, she turned the piece over and read the title: "Valentine Sky". 

Acrylic on 10" x 10" Canvas Board Framed in White Wood | Valentine Sky

Events are fun...
Events are great places to meet new people...
But, when I hear why my artwork touches someone..... and they are willling to share that story with me.... 

To find out more about their story, visit Gamze's website: Alexis Harlow Interiors.

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