Thursday, September 22, 2016

ARTWORK by JoJo | Happy Fall Y'all

It's the first day of FALL!

Hopefully, this will bring with it some cooler weather here in the Dallas area. It's been over 100 degrees this week and I have had about enough! I want to start feeling that cool crisp FALL breeze mixed with a spice pumpkin smell while wearing a cozy sweater and stylish boots!

But, I will settle for some FALL inspiration found in the newest Artwork by JoJo additions to Simply Elegant Dallas in Victory Park.

Acrylic on 20" x 20" Canvas | Blaze of Glory | Available at Simply Elegant Dallas

Acrylic on 20" x 20" Canvas | Runaway | Available at Simply Elegant Dallas

Head on over to Victory Park and check them out...
There is plenty of inspirational FALL items in the shop right now!

Maybe you'll be lucky enough to feel a cool crisp FALL breeze!

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