Thursday, March 20, 2014

DIY: Peep Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst --- Starburst ---What ever you call them...
I thought I would share with you a Throwback Thursday post from my old blog on this first day of SPRING!

This one is DIFFERENT.

This one has PEEPS!

That's right!

Here is how I went about creating this little mirror:

2 boxes of Yellow Peeps {1 box extra for grazing while crafting}
6" Circle Mirror
9" Styrofoam Circle
Plate Hanger
Chrome Spray Paint
Black Sharpie
Hot Glue Sticks
Hot Glue Gun
2 Different Bags of sizes/styles of Wood Sticks

1. Section your Styrofoam Circle into 1/8 sections with a sharpie.

2. Place your longest sticks at each of the markings along the outer edge of the circle.
"Stuff" the stick into the middle of the foam edge.
If needed/desired, put a small dab of hot glue where the wood and foam meet.

3. Place your plate hanger on the back of your foam circle.
Hot glue the ends to secure it.

This step is a little tricky... but, it sure makes for hanging A LOT more simple... and I had one on hand. Just first stretch the plate hanger close to the desired size, otherwise the end caps will dig in through the styrofoam and keep on going. Make sure to hot glue! This will stop that process from happening.

4. Add your other length wooden sticks next to the ones you place at the 1/8 marks.
Work your way around the circle.

5. Add more and more wooden sticks according to your desired design.
I went with "spoon" sticks. They added a fun change in shape and length.

6. Spray paint the ENTIRE piece.
I used Chrome Spray Paint.

The effect the spray paint had on the styrofoam was neat... so I went with it.

7. Hot glue the mirror to the styrofoam circle.

8. Hot glue the peeps around the mirror.

NOTE: Be VERY careful with the hot glue and the marshmallow peeps.... one wrong move and your finger could turn into a Smores Dessert {Yes. Totally speaking from experience!}

9. {optional} Add additional wooden sticks around the circle.
I felt like the piece still needed something.... one more layer of depth. So, I added additional wooden sticks, varying the length around the circle right behind the original layer. Same process, I just "stuffed" them into the side of the styrofoam circle. I decided to keep them the natural wood color. I think it's a great contrast.

10. Enjoy!

This is really such a FUN piece.

So.... joyful!

I love how it coordinates with the sunflower painting my mother-in-law painted in 1964!



  1. And you can eat it after, well maybe.

  2. Awww! So adorable! What I love about it is the joyful and very whimsical aura that just radiates from the mirror because of those little peeps. Haha! And yes, it really goes well with the sunflower photo. Great job! :D
    Lynne Hollaran @ Suburban Glass


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